Eating Disorders Defined

If someone you love is struggling with anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa, naturally you want to know more about it. Because you care, you want to understand what they are experiencing to be as supportive throughout their recovery.

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Eating Disorder Facts

In the past doctors lacked the awareness and education needed to diagnose and treat victims of eating disorders. Today we know much more about the causes, how to recognize the symptoms earlier, and the steps required for recovery.

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Raising Awareness

To its victims, your loved one finds security in their eating disorder. But with treatment, enough time, and awareness, you can look forward with hope to a day when your loved one will likely be able to break the stranglehold of this illness.

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Know The Signs

You can play a critically important role in your loved one's eating disorder recovery process. Naturally you want to know more about it. Your knowledge-based appropriate actions and support can be a tremendous source of strength and comfort to your loved one.

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Iantorno Anorexic and Bulimic Freedom Foundation
Dedicated to the memory of Ms. Erica Madeline Iantorno

One Day at a Time

These conditions are treatable. A person, possibly a woman, must have a true dedication to herself and her body, to the future, to first defining then living out her meaningful life every single day.

Addressing the Issue

Varying levels of treatment, ranging from outpatient support groups to inpatient eating disorder centers, are available. Recognizing and addressing the eating disorder are crucial in being able to begin treatment.

Environment & Genetics

Eating disorders result from a combination of environmental and genetic factors. If you or a loved one are suffering from an eating disorder, know that there is hope for you, and seek immediate professional help.

Recovery Is Possible

Complete recovery from an eating disorder is definitely possible. It requires both commitment and time. Recovery from any addiction or disorder is rarely easy, which is why genuine commitment is so critical.

Journey to Recovery

Complete recovery takes time. It is a journey consisting of a thousand little steps and the progress made over time. No matter how challenging the journey may be, full recovery from the illness is absolutely worth it.

Effective Treatment

Eating disorders can develop during any stage in life but typically appear during the teen years or young adulthood. Appropriate treatment can be highly effectual for many of the specific types of eating disorders.